BABY NOSSSE ASPIRATOR – nasal aspirator for stuffy noses

Why Baby Nossse aspirator?

A child needs a clear airway for easier feeding and restful sleep. Ideal solution for this problem offers Baby Nossse Aspirator cleaning small, congested noses through domestic vacuum cleaner.

If mucus stays in the nose it can infect the throat and ears through the respiratory-auditory way. Consequence may be pneumonia and ear infection. Aspirator helps to overcome common cold and thus minimize the risk of complications in cold, malaise, and provide peaceful sleep for your child and yourselves. With the help of Baby Nossse aspirators you can remove the secretion in the most efficient way.

It sounds terrifying, that we “vacuum nose", but the whole process has only an annoying sound form the vacuum cleaner, to which sooner or later every child get used to. If you solve the problem of stuffy noses, you as parents will be also relieved.  If the child at still cries because of vacuum cleaner’s noise, try to make the process more playful and relaxed. The vacuum aspirator is no more daunting as manual aspirators. It has no sharp edges, children can play with it.

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